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What have we learned?

When challenging someone to battle, always do it with a smile :) Great job!


Nice ending. Made this one of the best shorts I have seen.

Ok then

This has potential. However I would suggest re doing it to make it run smoother and add some backgrounds to it.

VintageBro responds:

I had thought about it a long time ago. Keep in mind this came out in 2007.

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This is really a great game. It is easy to play, simple, and has a very addictive element to it. The music is good and I enjoy the random upgrade system. Making the game play shift and adds a value of re-playability, which is something rarely seen in a flash game. I personally can't see any real way to make this game better, outside of adding some more tank customization options though that really isn't going to lower my score any.

I think something that would be cool is a map editor. As a game like this could get a lot more interactive if you allowed that and maybe make a place for users to upload these maps for others to play to. Again great game and keep up the good work.


Really great game. Only thing I would say needs to be added is a ship status so that you can see how close you are to dying. Or like an alarm sound to warn you that you are close to death. Other then that really great game.

It really seems like a good concept. However, I keep dying in the beginning no matter if I run away or run to get one of the items placed for use. I always get something thrown at me and no matter how I go about it, I die. I think this is something that needs to be worked out. Other then that, it seems like to me this is a good game and can be made a lot better if you fix that little annoyance.


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Very well done indeed.

I can see this in really any scene of riding into battle or to battle. The soldiers have a fierce look on their faces as they ride to meet their enemy which for the riders displayed, the battle they are riding out to is the last chance they have at freedom or victory over an obviously superior enemy. Yet the soldiers are ready to fight till the last drop of blood is spilled. With different camera views as they ride. I would say the beginning and ends of the piece can be used for when they arrive at the battlefield to find the enemy already waiting there. This could also be seen as kinda a cover up to the sounds of battle in a battle scene while two armies fight it out. I can see a lot of different images from this which makes it a really great piece. 5/5

HonorOfStyle responds:

Wow that's really interesting! You've got some really cool imagery there!
I remember, while making this song, imagining a hero battling fiercely for his life and the ones he loves against imposible odds or a scene of a dragon riding warrior mounting his dragon and flying out of camp with the other air born cavalry into battle scorching the enemy armies on the ground and fighting it out with other dragon riders in epic aerial battles, or a battle of a bitter rivalry between two characters.

This is really an interesting piece. When I first started listening to it, it took me a minute to get into it. But after lsitening to it it really grew on me. Great piece my friend.

raretools responds:

Thx! Im glad you gave it a chanse :)

This was amazingly done my friend. It is very hard to find good songs such as these and it seems more and more of them are popping up here on newgrounds. The language just flows so smoothly with the melody that I can easily loose myself in the realm of imagination to this. Maybe even write a short story from this as I am an amateur writer and enjoy writing stories from songs. Keep up the good work my friend. 5/5 from me.

Jessismith responds:

Oops. I realize my reply never went through....this must be because of a site glitch. :( Anyway, I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation of your review. Knowing that my music can be used as a source of pure inspiration is what inspires me to keep going. :) I appreciate everything you've said, my good friend. And I would love to read your short story whenever you finish it! Thank you so much!

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Excellent image.

This is an excellent character. I'm actually interested in reading your story. This is great artwork and you should keep up the good work.

Flash content has devloped so much over the last few years, I have given it my hobby as a reviewer. I try to review things from a neutral standpoint, rating submissions with some good points while offering constructive criticism.

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